A Canadian executive who has been accused of sexual assault said at his trial this week that he was experiencing “sexsomnia” when the alleged abuse occurred, a report said.

Karl Richard Antonius — the president and CEO for Boreal Metals Corp — has pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting a woman he’d taken out for a blind date in September 2015 in Vancouver, the Vancouver Sun reported.

As part of his defense, the 51-year-old Antonius claimed on the witness stand in court that he was having a “sexsomnia” episode during the alleged attack, meaning he was asleep and not aware of his actions, according to the report.

Prosecutors allege Antonius went back to his luxury apartment in Downtown Vancouver after a blind date because she had lost the keys to her apartment, the Sun reported.

He then gave her shorts and a T-shirt and got into his bed to sleep. The woman told police she had no intention of having sex with Antonius — and had to swat his hand off of herself when he groped her, according to the report.

She woke up later with Antonius having sex with her against her will, she testified in court.

Antonius told the court that he had no recollection of having sex with the unidentified woman, according to the report. After he fell asleep, he said, his next memory was standing in front of his refrigerator, but he didn’t remember how he got there.

When he returned to his room, he found the woman in a bathroom. She then left his apartment and declined to kiss him on the way out, according to the Sun.

Antonius testified that she was angry about being locked out of her apartment.

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