The country is heading back to the polls this week and recent polls have suggested Mr Johnson and his party will win. But in this latest poll by Survation, the gap has widened even further. The poll was conducted for ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

It places the Conservatives with 45 percent of the vote – which is up two points.

Labour, however, moved to just 31 percent, which is down two percentage points.

The poll also showed that around 52 percent of those surveyed would consider voting tactically.

It also found that 44 percent would refuse to do so.

The poll surveyed 1,012 people between December 5 and 7.

Reports suggest that interviewees were read out the name of the party and candidates that were standing in their constituency.

Also revealed in the poll was that the Lib Dems remained on 11 percent of the overall vote.

The Brexit Party experienced a slight rise to move to four percent.

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But she sparked fury online from other voters who criticised her over comments surrounding the NHS.

She wrote: “Our NHS has been consistently hit by the Tories’ NHS and social care cuts, putting the lives of loved ones right across the country at risk.

“Lib Dems will introduce a national NHS recruitment strategy and ring-fence £7 billion a year for the NHS.”

Many cited her party’s coalition in 2015 for causing issues with the NHS.

Others were critical of her own leadership credentials.

One wrote: “Erm Coalition not ring any bells.”

Another said: “Many of us will never forgive you for not standing down in seats where you have no hope of winning and just handing the seat to Boris Johnson.”

A third wrote: “I think you need to hide, your leaders disguise is coming off and she is turning blue.”

Ms Swinson and the Lib Dems have endured a difficult campaign since the election was announced.

Her past voting record has been routinely mentioned during interviews.

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