Why I need your vote

Hey everyone.  Thanks for taking the time to look at this.  I wanted to take a minute and stress the importance of your vote for the CAAMP board of directors this year.  This year we have two excellent candidates so the good news is you will be well represented regardless of the outcome. However I wanted to touch on the importance of continuity.  For the last two years that I have served on the CAAMP board I have been very active and been a large part of the changes we have seen with our designation.  We are absolutely moving in the right direction and it is important to keep that momentum going.

I need your vote so that I can keep that momentum up.  We redid our 5 year strategic plan in 2012, the year I was elected and it is now about the implementation of that plan.  Being a part of creating the strategy gives me a strong perspective on how to help the CAAMP staff implement that strategy.  A strong voice on the board is important and I have demonstrated that for the last two years.  If you want to hear first hand of how I have been representing you I would encourage you to pick up the phone and talk to one of the other board members or our current or incoming Chair, Paul Kozan and Dan Putnam respectively.

Your vote does count so please make the effort to vote.  Voting opens on Monday Sept. 22.

If you have any questions for me with respect to where I see the organization going please feel free to leave a comment.  You can also read many of my previous posts or visit my personal blog at http://mikecameron.ca

Thank you for your consideration and lets make sure to keep our channel strong!!  Get involved in one way, shape or form.

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