Embrace the Suck!

embrace the suck1

Many of you know that I am currently training for an Iron Distance Triathlon this August.  I read an article related to Triathlon this week that I thought could cross over well into the world of mortgage brokering.  Chris McCormack is a 12 time Ironman champion who wrote this article: Embrace the Suck. The gist of the article is that no amount of physical training is going to prepare you for ‘The Wall’ that you are going to hit.

At that point in an Iron Distance race it is all about your mental toughness and not trying to avoid ‘the suck’ but rather embracing it and pushing through. As I read the article and related it to my race training it also struck me how true that sentiment is in our business lives as well.  The mortgage business is a Marathon not a sprint.  There are certainly a lot of demands on you from a training and knowledge standpoint but one of the biggest attributes of some of the most successful Mortgage Brokers is their mental toughness.  I don’t care how many courses you take, how many clients you have helped, the fact of the matter is that at some points in our career this business simply ‘Sucks’ and there is really nothing you can do to avoid it.

So if we accept the fact that we can’t avoid it we need to find strategies to cope with it.  I believe that it is an important skill to acquire and one that takes practice and experimentation.  One of my favorite mantras is “Point in time, Point in time” meaning that whenever I am at a point in this business where I have hit the ‘Suck’ I repeat this to myself to remind me that whatever I’m feeling today doesn’t mean I will be feeling that tomorrow.  The ‘Suck’ does pass, you just need to be mentally tough enough to get through it.  One of the other options I employ is to truly embrace it and wallow completely in whatever negative emotion I am feeling.  Rather than fight it, embrace it, savor it and know that this too shall pass.  Take a day off if you need to.  If you need to blow off steam find an activity that you can do to take your mind off whatever the trouble is.

The bottom line is to fully accept and understand that the ‘Suck’ is part of the process.  There can be no success without failure. The more you can condition your mind to accept and push through it the better off you will be.


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  1. Myron Moritz says:

    Awesome Update – very encouraging… and telling a marathoner that “You Suck”! – might be a good thing.

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