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In November of last year I created what we have dubbed a Mortgage Broker Mastermind group.  I thought I would share with you the objectives in the event that it might inspire some of you to do the same. Below is the email that I first sent out to a select group of Mortgage Brokers who I know value, respect and exude professionalism in our channel:

I just wanted to take a moment and reach out to you all and see if you were interested in a little pet project that came out of a conversation that I had with another Edmonton broker. While out for lunch exchanging ideas we lamented the fact that there really is not alot of serious discussion between brokers from competing organizations. Yes, there are a fair bit of networking events but not a lot of formal discussions around how we can ‘get better’.

As most of you know I am pretty passionate about the need for our channel to ‘get better’ at what we do and thought I would see if there was enough interest to create a formal broker mastermind group.

I see this as a quarterly face to face breakfast or lunch with a set agenda where we discuss real issues, take minutes and come up with real take aways. I am not interested in meeting just for the sake of meeting and think we have some real talent in our industry that is under utilized and I would like to see that change.

I see the benefits largely being the value of shared ideas and would want to focus on topics that will not only benefit us as a channel but ones that will benefit each of us individually. Again, not interested in wasting anyones time.

I am proposing a late breakfast (pay as you go) on Friday November 23 from 9am till 10 or 11am depending on Agenda. If there is enough interest I will prepare initial agenda and book a venue.

Well, the response was fantastic.  Everyone I invited was interested and all but two available for that proposed meeting.  We spent a good portion of that first meeting setting the objectives and conduct of the group but also dove into a discussion around the value proposition of a Mortgage Broker.  I for one would love to see this evolve where we had feet on the street discussions across the country that ultimately shared ideas, best practices and collectively helped promote the use of a Broker.  I know our associations are doing lots and I am on the Board of CAAMP but it is great to get practical application ideas from those that are in the trenches and really care about what we do. I believe there is a real opportunity in our industry for individuals to step up and lead our channel into the next decade.  I have attached both the original agenda and the minutes from our first meeting here and would love to hear your feedback.  I will post the results of our January meeting shortly as well.

Initial Agenda


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  1. Cathy Sehn says:

    Hi Mike, great idea. Would love to be involved in something like this, however, due to the distance, would be difficult. Keep up the great work!! It is appreciated!

    • Michael Cameron says:

      Hey Jason,

      Sorry for the delay. I would love to support you if you are interested in setting up a group in YYC. We could share agendas and you guys could send your minutes back for compilation. Email me if you want to explore.

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