Why am I running for CAAMP?

So as I start asking people to support my bid for CAAMP director the obvious question comes to mind is “Why are you running?” so I thought I would address that here. I have long been an advocate of our industry and specifically the mortgage broker channel. I believe strongly in promoting the professionalism of our channel and the bottom line is that I feel as a director of CAAMP I can make a significant contribution to making that happen.  Any of you that know me know that I am not afraid to speak my mind and will not shy away from the tough topics.

I have been asked why CAAMP vs. our provincial association and the answer for me is simple.  I had to look at where I could make the biggest contribution and I believe that I can do that at a national level.  I also believe that it is imperative for the associations to work closer together.  I can help make that happen and be Alberta’s voice on the board of CAAMP working in concert with AMBA.  I have always volunteered my time and energy at the provincial level and that support will not change.

This is a year where CAAMP will be revisiting their strategic direction and that is a process that I want to be part of.  I have long called for change and have encouraged all of you to speak your mind so that we have a strong voice when it comes to the direction this channel should take. Now I want to represent you from the inside and make sure that change takes place. We are living in a time of massive change in our industry and it is crazy to think that we, as brokers, don’t need to change with it.  With change comes opportunity but we have to be poised to capitalize on that opportunity.  Having a strong national association that works in unison with our regional association can make that happen.  It is time for us to come together as a channel and demand more from ourselves and demand more from our peers.  I want you to be a part of this change with me and for that I am asking for your support as the next CAAMP director for Alberta.

Please share this with your industry peers and co-workers if you believe that it is time for change in our channel.

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  1. Jeremy Nagel says:

    Congratulations and you have my support. I agree with your philosophy and it’s definitely time for change. I appreciate you for stepping up taking on the challenge.

  2. Gary Siegle says:

    Hey Mike;

    Good for you to get involved. Please share some of your thoughts on the state of licensing education standards across Canada.

  3. Michael Cameron says:

    Gary, Gary, Gary,

    You know I have strong opinions on that. ;0) I think the standards nationally are far too low. This comes back to the need for a unified front. Right now we have associations competing for education revenue and continue to drive pricing down which leads to the need to deliver cheaper (lower quality) education. Minimal standards and a low cost of entry potentially bring the wrong kind of individual to our channel.

    We need to unify standards and set them much higher than they currently are. The only way we are going to do that is by getting all of our associations together and work with our respective regulators to demonstrate the standard of professionalism that we, collectively, expect to see. If we, as a channel, can’t set the standards then the regulators will do it for us. I do not believe that this is what we want at all.

    I will try and make this the topic of my next post.

  4. Len Lane says:

    Good for you Mike, the west needs to be strongly represented as CAAMP moves forward into these ever changing years. I think we all realize that mortgage brokers need a strong provincial and national voice and hopefully we can both add to that this coming year.

    Len Lane

  5. Lester Shore says:

    Mike, you have my support. In one of your blogs you talked about massive change within our Industry – you’re right about that and if our Industry doesn’t manage the numerous issues in front of us, we’ve got a big problem! I appreciate your straightforward perspective and you understand what’s right for our Industry. Good Luck and I hope you are successful.

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