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So any of you that know me, know that I am passionate about this business and the role we serve to the consumer. For many years I have expressed concerns about where we are going as an industry and the fact that we collectively need to “Raise the Bar” and get better at what we do. I have been working hard in the trenches trying to get the message out and rally the troops hosting discussion events and working with provincial regulators to raise the standards in our channel. I have worked with, and I have challenged our professional associations. I have encouraged all of you to stand tall, be proud and take action toward making our industry even better. I am pleased to say I have witnessed many of you do exactly that and I couldn’t be more proud.

Now it is time for me to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. I have decided that this year I will run for a seat on the board of CAAMP. I have had many discussions and voiced my opinions on where I think our professional associations need to go and feel that it is time to try and help make some of those changes happen from within. We have seen many changes and challenges to our profession over the last five years and we need to make sure our professional associations change and adapt to remain relevant in an ever changing landscape. Many of our lending partners over the last few years have taken a close hard look at the efficiency of our channel as a distribution arm and sadly many of them have found us wanting. The infrastructure is in place, the potential is there, but it is time for our associations to step up and clearly define their roles.

With your support I would like to help them do that. It is time to stop trying to be all things to all people and focus on some key initiatives and clearly define the role of the organization. Please take some time to review some of the articles on this site and you should get a fairly clear sense of my philosophy. Some to start with are:

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The Brand of Mortgage Broker

If you can see your way to support me in thisĀ endeavorĀ I would appreciate hearing from you. Share with your fellow industry members and leave a comment on this article. I look forward to kick starting some lively discussion!

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  1. Eric Putnam says:

    As a founding board member CIMBL (now CAAMP) and a former broker for many years I find Mike’s comments refreshing and wish him the best of luck in his election bid. Hope more like Mike get involved to help bring on the needed changes to help the mortgage brokerage industry in Canada thrive in the years ahead,

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